A modern approach to building character.

PRACTICAL LEARNING MODULES are first and foremost for the high school student. Whether you are interested in financial literacy, researching what you think you want to become after graduation, or you just want to understand why you act in certain ways that lead to inactivity and self-doubt, install the PLM app or access online and get more out of your life starting now.

PRACTICAL LEARNING MODULES education services for young people, include, providing classes, seminars and workshops in the fields of daily activities in the nature of managing personal finances, finding a job, preparing for a job interview and resume preparation.


Create your own private online environment for the students you invite by setting up individual forums you can moderate


Why limit learning to the classroom? Share and discuss your thoughts, ask questions and collaborate with other students. Anywhere, anytime.


If you do not yet have an account, or just want to check out PLM's, login anonymously and try it out



Private forums allow teachers and educators to create mini social networks around the PLM's.

Access Control

Teachers and educators control exactly who is in their forum(s), and to see how they are using it. A Guest Login feature demonstrates access to a potential student for the PLM App.


Introduce topics of conversation, ask questions and comment on other discussions


Engage discussion by asking open ended questions and expanding your knowledge on a diverse spectrum of topics such as financial literacy, education, and life habits..


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